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At IIITG Undergraduate education emphasizes a broad academic foundation, development of deep subject-area knowledge, a variety of rich learning experiences inside and outside the classroom, and the cultivation of skills to help students become lifelong learners. With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, IIIT-G offers unparalleled student experiences across a broad spectrum of academic environment.

The academic year has been divided in to two semesters namely the MONSOON semester from July – Dec and the WINTER semester from Jan – May. The winter vacation period for students is generally in the month of December and the summer vacation period is from the beginning of May to the third week of July.


First year courses are common for both CSE & ECE. This gives flexibility to students for branch change after the first year. After the first year common program, the second year program will be relatively fixed, comprising mostly of core courses for the program. 3rd year onwards the program will be more flexible comprising of electives, which may be organized as streams. There is one HSS course every semester, for a total of eight courses. Courses in Physics (2), Chemistry, and Biology are taught from Semester III onwards.

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CSE Undergraduate curriculum (Click here)

ECE Undergraduate curriculum (Click here)

Rules of change of Branch

  • The Institute permits a student admitted to change from one branch to another after the first two semesters. Such changes will be permitted, in accordance with the provisions laid down hereinafter.
  • Only those students will be considered eligible for change of branch/programme after the second semester, who have completed and passed all the common credits required in the first two semesters of their studies in their first attempt.
  • Change of branch/programme shall be made strictly in order of merit of the applicants. For this purpose the CPI obtained at the end of the second semester shall be considered. In case of a tie, the JEE rank of the applicants will be considered.
  • The applicants may be allowed a change in branch/programme, strictly in order of inter-se-merit, subject to the limitation that the strength of a branch should not fall below the existing strength by more than ten percent and should not go above the sanctioned strength by more than ten percent.
  • All changes of branch/programme made in accordance with the above rules will be effective from the third semester of the applicants concerned. No change of branch/programme shall be permitted after this.
With a batch size of 130 in CSE, it can grow to at most 143 students and it must be at least 117 if all seats are filled. With a batch size of 70 in ECE, it can grow to at most 77 students and it must be at least 63 if all seats are filled. So, if only requests for branch change are from ECE to CSE, then at most 7 ECE students will get a branch change.