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    SN Faculty Department Title Agency Amount(INR)
    1 Director Institute TEQIP III MHRD 10,00,00,000/-
    2 Director CSE & ECE Design Innovation Centre MHRD, through NEHU 1,26,00,000/-
    3 Gautam Barua CSE Faculty Fellowship Netapp Bengaluru 4,00,000/-
    4 Moumita Roy CSE Adaptive Learning Models for Land-cover Classification with application in Remote Sensing based Monitoring of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 16,28,000/-
    5 Rakesh Matam CSE Development of MAC associated schemes for large IEEE 802.15.4 based Networks Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 16,98,740/-
    6 Ferdous Ahmed Barbhuiya CSE A Secure and Scalable Inter-cloud Authorisation framework for resource sharing in Cloud Environment Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 18,66,180/-
    7 Dip Sankar Banerjee CSE Bridging Network Science and HPC: Accelerating Big Data Centric Network Analytics using HPC Technologies Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 27,95,130/-
    8 Suchetana Chakraborty CSE Design and Development of an Adaptive Middleware for Smart Building Monitoring Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 21,84,600/-
    9 Gautam Kalita Math Transformations and special values of Gaussian hypergeometric series; and their connections to Supercongruences Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 5,02,127/-
    11 Dr. Rusha Patra ECE A Low-Cost, high Resolution Optoacoustic Imaging System for Diagnosing and Monitoring Rheunatoid Arthritis Science and Engineering Research Board 31,74,600 /-
    12 Dr. Sanya Anees ECE Energy Efficient 5G Hybrid Optical Wireless Communication System Based on High-Speed FSO/ VLC Interconnections Science and Engineering Research Board 24,17,250/-
    13 Dr. Shovan Barma ECE A Low Cost, Portable and High Quality Device (Prototype) for Food Quality Assessment Based on Microscopic Image and Deep Learning Science and Engineering Research Board 17,00,873 /-
    14 Dr. Soumyajit Poddar ECE Reconfigurable 3DIC Hardware Accelerator Platform for Deep Neural Networks Science and Engineering Research Board 27,04,000/-
    15 Dr. Shovan Barma ECE Classification of EEG Data Using Deep Learning (LSTM+CNN) Technique and Hilbert Vibration Decomposition (HVD) Method and Its Application in Epileptic Seizure Detection DBT under NECBH Twinning (IIT Guwahati) 9,24,000/-
    16 Dr. Gautam Kalita Maths Hypergeometric Series, and (super)congruences for Apery-like numbers NBHM 3,72,500/-
    17 Dr. Gautam Kalita Maths Apery-like numbers, hypergeometric functions, and related supercongruences Science and Engineering Research Board 6,60,000/-
    18 Dr. Hari Kanta Choudhury HSS Determinants of Women’s Acceptance of Cervical Cancer Screening Program: A case study of Kamrup district of Assam ICSSR 4,96,650/-
    19 Dr. Suranjana Barua (PI); Dr. L David Lal (Co-PI) HSS Makers of Modern Assam: A Case Study of Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Chandrani Saikiani and Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi ICSSR 4,00,000/-
    20 Soumi Chattopadhyay CSE Context-Aware Service provisioning Towards Smart Tourism SERB 17,00,873
    21 Subhasish Dhal CSE Security and Privacy Preserved Automatic Health Emergency Detection and MSP Selection in IoT Based Smart Healthcare System SERB 19,60,268
    22 Kaustuv Nag CSE Design of Structure Preserving Deep Neural Networks for Improved Generalization SERB 15,17,200
    23 Surajit Panja ECE Effects of Nonpharmaceutical Measures on COVID-19 Pandemic in India and Network-based Forecast Beyond Relaxation of Lockdown SERB 5,50,000
    24 Sudip Biswas ECE Signal processing for co-existence between radar and future communication systems SERB 18,19,380
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